Projet MJP 3600w

The ProJet® MJP 3600W and 3600W Max generate 100% RealWax™ micro-detail, high fidelity precision metal casting patterns for high capacity production, without tooling time, costs and geometric limitations, for reliable and repeatable direct casting efficiency.

Casting reliability

The next generation VisiJet® M3 CAST 100% wax material delivers durable, high quality patterns for reliable performance and results throughout existing lost-wax casting processes and equipment.

High throughput

Designed for high output wax pattern production, the ProJet MJP 3600W and 3600W Max improve casting room efficiency to increase the productivity, precision and possibilities of direct investment casting. Reach unmatched yield with up to 10x faster print speed and more than 2.5x larger build volume than alternative similar class printers.

High-quality patterns

Print sharp edges, extreme crisp details and smooth surfaces with high fidelity, ideal for jewelry manufacturing, automotive casting, micro-detail medical devices, electrical components, figurines, replicas, collectibles and more end-use part manufacturing.

High Throughput Precision Wax Patterns Printing

Print high fidelity 100% RealWax™ micro-detail, precision patterns for reliable metal casting performance and results. Up to 10X faster print speed and over 2.5X larger build volume than similar class printers deliver high output capacity.

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