ProX 500 – Selective Laser Sintering

The ProX SLS 500 3D printer allows you to economically manufacture high-resolution plastic parts for demanding end-use and functional prototyping applications. This Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine takes the original SLS technology to the manufacturing floor to produce ready-to-use functional parts and complete assemblies. These SLS parts can be used for a variety of applications in the aerospace, automotive, patient-specific medical device, production tooling and manufacturing industries—all without the need for time- and cost-intensive tooling or CNC programming.

Unmatched part quality with uniform properties

Using DuraForm® ProX® nylon material, the ProX SLS 500 produces part quality previously unknown for the SLS process. DuraForm ProX materials have been optimized, validated and tested to ensure uniform part properties, high resolution, edge definition and smooth surface finish. Our customers compare it to injection-molding part quality.

Manufacturing economics

Of every kilogram of SLS nylon material used in a build on the ProX SLS 500, up to 95% (950 grams) is turned into parts. This excellent recyclability and efficiency results in comparably lower part costs. With its automated production tools, powder handling, recycling functions and mobile production controls, this SLS production printer allows you to streamline your workflow and accelerate your production time. As a result, this SLS machine can deliver production speeds up to seven times faster than comparable SLS technologies.

Specification for this item

  • Brand Name: 3D Systems

Ready to Produce Tough, Functional SLS Parts

With the ProX SLS 500 3D printing machine, you can print high-resolution nylon parts with unmatched, consistent mechanical properties and excellent material efficiency—all while speeding up lot production times and reducing material waste.


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  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology
  • Max build envelope capacity (W x D x H): 15 x 13 x 18 in (381 x 330 x 460 mm)
  • Broad range of high quality materials: DuraForm® ProX PA, GF and HST extra strong and durable engineered production plastic
  • Consistent mechanical properties independent of build position
  • High production speed of 1.8 l per hour for its class
  • Smoothest surface finish, highest resolution and edge definition of any SLS system
  • Streamlined production control, including fully automated powder handling
  • Fast build speed and high throughput
  • Automated 3D part nesting
  • Manufacture strong end-use parts and functional prototypes faster
  • Easily print any design without using supports or post-processing
  • Integrated printer and material solution with expert application support
  • Full automation of material handling frees valuable resource
  • Streamline your workflow with automated production tools
  • Lower cost of ownership with high throughput and material efficiency
  • Clean 3D printing solution with minimal waste

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