3D Printed Parts & Printers

We are a 3D prototyping and manufacturing company with over 50 years in manufacturing experience in Grand Rapids, MI.

3D Printed Parts

3D Printing solutions from rapid prototypes to contract manufacturing, we have access to over 500 3D printers in the United States.  Plastic parts, metal parts, large and small we can find the solution for you.

3D plastic parts

3D Printed Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling injection mold inserts are printed in hours and ready to run your thermoplastics in as quick as a day.  Get your product to test and market faster than ever !

3D printed plastic tube

Nylon Ductwork

Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) Nylon is the perfect solution for your under the hood testing or even flight-ready low volume components.  Now ready for production!

3D printed plastic plumbing

Organic Forms

Your engineer loves this line: “With 3D Printing, complexity is FREE!”  While maybe a little bit of a stretch, shapes that were impossible to produce last year are now a physical reality!

3D printed mini turbines

Scale it UP; Scale it DOWN

As these stainless steel impellers suggest, you can fine tune your designs, often in parallel pathways.  Direct metal printing can produce details as small as .005″!

3D printed metal parts

Shiny Objects

Direct Metal Printing produces fully dense metal parts with geometries previously impossible.  Now offering a mirror finish!

3D printed metal parts

Prototype to Production

Disrupting aerospace, medical, automotive, consumer products and more, 3D Printing is going to move your industry forward.  Stay ahead of your competition by partnering with the best in the business!

3D Printers

We have a wide selection of professional and industrial 3D printers. See which technologies are the best fit for you.

ProJet 2500Plus 3D printer

ProJet 2500Plus

ProJet 3600 Series 3D printer

Projet 3600Max

ProJet 6000SD 3D printer

ProJet 6000HD

No Problem Too Big; No Job Too Small

From installed 3D printers and production services, we’ve worked with Fortune 100 corporations and mom and pop shops.  Your priority is our priority at 3DPrintedParts.com.

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