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Direct Metal Laser Melting - 3D Printing
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Metal 3D Printing – Direct Metal Laser Melting

A high powered laser welds metallic powders into fully dense metal parts at a resolution up to 25 microns (40 layers per mm) with DMP. Featuring open architecture, and a proprietary scan strategy, these machines produce functional metal components without the cost and lead time of tooling. With automated powder handling and excellent atmosphere control, your operators will comfortably and safely process reactive metals. Direct Metal Printing from 3D Printed Parts will enable your organization to manufacture the future. Scarlett offers 3D Printing Service throughout Michigan.

Direct Metal Laser Melting - 3D Printing


  • Production Grade Machinery
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Complex Geometry
  • Wide Range of Alloys
  • Safe Material Handling
  • Finest Detail Resolution of any metal printing technology

View our selection of DMP

  • ProX DMP 100
  • ProX DMP 200
  • ProX DMP 300
  • ProX DMP 320

Looking for printed parts? We provide parts from Multi-Jet Printing, Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering and Direct Metal Printing.

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